[Articles of the treaty of London referred to the parliament]

The points that are referred by the treaty to the parliament

1. The warrant to the clerk to publish the acts in June, according to the model set down in the first article of the treaty.

2. The trial and judging of the process intended before the parliament are by the fourth article referred to the estates of parliament.

3. Under the eighth demand the article and answer regarding the election of the officers of state, councillors and sessioners are referred to the king and the parliament.

4. Settling of the copper coin both for bygones and time coming is remitted to the parliament.

5. The commission for conserving the peace between the kingdoms.

6. The commission for the articles regarding war with foreigners, commerce, naturalisation, the commission for receiving of the remainder of the brotherly assistance, the commission for diagnosing who has the benefit of the act of oblivion: all these commissions are to be considered and the persons named by the king and parliament.

26 August 1641

The noblemen appoint [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll, [John Kennedy, earl of] Cassilis and [William Kerr, earl of] Lothian with their commissioners when they are called to go to the king to speak to the king in the premises. And also to desire his majesty that he would consent that these acts formerly proposed and prepared in this session of parliament (whereof his majesty has an index) may be now enacted; and to speak to the king regarding the disbanding of the English army and garrisons of Berwick and Carlisle, according to the treaty.

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