[Date of public fast; committees ordered to meet; business recommended to the several bodies]

The king being present.

The commissioners for the church produced a paper containing the causes of the public fast to be indicted, which was publicly read in audience of his majesty and estates of parliament, who appoint the same to be given to the ministers that they may cause intimate the [same] to all the kingdom, and appoint the fast to be upon Sunday come eight days for this sheriffdom and all places adjacent that may be advertised in due time, and for the rest of Scotland upon the last Sunday of this month. For which end the paper was given to Master James Bonnar to be delivered to the ministers.

The king's majesty and estates of parliament appoint the committee formerly nominated for preparation of the accommodation of business, to whom also they give power to take the late 'Incident' to their consideration and to do therein as they shall [think] expedient for removing all impediments of accommodation and happy conclusion of business, to meet after noon.

Appoints the several bodies to take to their consideration the commissions for finishing the rest of the treaty and also the report made by the committee for the Irish business.

Appoints the committee for the bills to meet after noon.

Appoints the committee for the copper coin to meet after noon.

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[Supplication read and access to prisoners granted; supplication read and payment of arrears granted]

Supplication by [James Graham], earl of Montrose, [Archibald Napier], lord Napier, [Sir George Stirling], laird of Keir and [Sir Archibald Stewart of] Blackhall, being moved to the king's majesty and estates of parliament, they permit their friends and advocates to have access to them and allow the constable and keeper of the castle of Edinburgh to give their said friends access to them with one servant at such time as the constable shall think expedient.

Supplication by [Anna Inglis], lady Aiket, desiring payment of her bygone modification and a constant allowance for time coming for her aliment from her husband, read in audience of his majesty and estates of parliament, who determine 200 merks to the supplicant for part of payment of bygones according to the act of the committee, which ordains to be presently paid to her and declares she shall have no further modification until the end of the cause. And ordain her to have letters to warn her husband at the cross of Paisley and kirk of Dunlop to compear before the parliament to answer to the desire of the supplication and to summon witnesses.

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[Advocates appointed for the burgh of Wigtown in their process against the Earl of Galloway; supplication approved; continuation]

Supplication by the town of Wigtown, desiring a command to advocates to compear for them against [Alexander Stewart], earl of Galloway, being moved to his majesty and estates, they appoint Masters Roger Mowat, James Baird and John Gilmour to compear for the supplicants and do the duty of procurators for them in the actions and supplications mentioned therein.

Supplication by John Henderson, desiring liberty to go out of the town and repair home, being moved to his majesty and parliament, they grant liberty to the supplicant to go where he pleases, he acting himself to compear again upon 1 January next or sooner when he shall be required.

Appoints the parliament to meet tomorrow at 10 o'clock and the several bodies and committees in the meantime.

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