[Supplication read and party absolved from any wrongdoing; examination of the Earl of Montrose; supplication of the Earl of Crawford continued]

The king being present.

Supplication by Lieutenant General [James] King, desiring to be heard and that he may be deleted out of the citation to the parliament, seeing he has never wronged his native country, but always behaved himself as a good patriot, read in audience of his majesty and parliament, who, having called the said lieutenant general before them and heard him make his expression and answers to some ground of challenge against him, they appoint his name to be deleted out of the summons and that he may have a testimony to repair him to his credit in foreign nations, lest he suffer abroad as being taxed for an enemy to his country, he always subscribing the covenant and bond.

Supplication by [James Graham], earl of Montrose, [Archibald Napier], lord Napier, [Sir George Stirling], laird of Keir and [Sir Archibald Stewart of] Blackhall, desiring enlargement upon caution, according to many practices mentioned therein, read in audience of his majesty and parliament, who, before they give answer thereto, ordained the Earl of Montrose to be examined upon the letter written by him to his majesty and upon any other thing to be demanded at him. And for his examination nominate the committee formerly appointed for the late 'Incident'.

Supplication by [Ludovic Lindsay], earl of Crawford, desiring to be released, read in audience of his majesty and parliament, who continue to give answer thereto until tomorrow.

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[Commission of justiciary granted; date of public fast remitted to the commissioners of the kirk; continuation]

Commission granted to [James Livingstone], lord Almond or his bailies to put John Jervie to the knowledge of an assize, upon his confession of stealing horses, being apprehended in Falkirk.

The king's majesty represented to the consideration of the parliament the necessity of indicting a public fast upon these commotions of Ireland, and the parliament gave order to the clerk of the kirk to advise thereupon with the commissioners from the general assembly and the synods now sitting that they may think upon the time and reasons thereof, and report to the parliament tomorrow.

Appoints the committee for the Irish business to meet in [Alexander Leslie, earl of Leven], lord general, his house at 2 o'clock, and all other committees in the parliament house this afternoon at 2 o'clock, and the several bodies tomorrow at 8 o'clock, and the parliament at 9 o'clock.

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