[Act for changing of the terms debated and continued; order for regiments to be disbanded and fortifications demolished; addition to committee for the pay of the army]

The king being present.

Regarding the act for changing of the term of Martinmas [11 November] to Candlemas [2 February] and Whitsunday [May/June] to Lammas [1 August], the same being debated, his majesty and estates of parliament continue to give answer thereto until Tuesday next.

Regarding the paper produced by the English commissioners, desiring the regiments yet upon foot to be disbanded and the fortifications lately built to be demolished, whereof the consideration and answer was committed to [Alexander Leslie, earl of Leven], lord general, and [John Campbell, lord Loudoun], chancellor, the lord chancellor produced an answer showing that the regiments are brought near to Edinburgh that they may be mustered and money provided for their pay and they disbanded, and that all fortifications shall presently be demolished. Which being read in audience of his majesty and parliament, they nominate [Robert Balfour], lord [Balfour of] Burleigh in place of [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll to be upon the committee for providing money to pay the regiments, whom they appoint to meet this afternoon; and also ordain an order to be given to the lord general for causing demolish the fortifications at Mordington, which accordingly was done.

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[Committee to be appointed to treat with the English commissioners; petition of General Ruthven granted; amendments to the commission for taking trial of 'The Incident']

[John Campbell, lord Loudoun], lord chancellor, desired that the commissions may be completed which are drawn up to meet with commissioners from the parliament of England for treating upon those articles of the treaty which are committed to them and continued by the treaty. Whereupon ordains every estate to advise upon a committee for that effect.

Supplication presented by General [Patrick] Ruthven, craving liberty to return to the house and dwelling of Yair and to repair and resort within the parish where the said dwelling house lies until his majesty and estates of parliament signify their further pleasure relating thereto, read and granted.

The king's majesty and estates of parliament grant power to those of the committee for trial of the late 'Incident', or quorum thereof, to sequester parties called before them, such as upon pregnant presumptions shall be thought fit by them, or to take surety for their appearing as they find expedient. And also that they take the oath of secrecy of such as shall be examined by them. And ordains the commission to be written over with these additions.

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[Earl of Nithsdale given leave to return home; committee for the overtures for the kirk appointed; commission for the disorders in the borders to be drawn up; continuation]

The king's majesty represented to the estates of parliament that he had abstained to give permission to [Robert Maxwell], earl of Nithsdale to repair to his own house within this kingdom upon misinformation that he was forfeited, but seeing he is not forfeited desired the advice of parliament therein, who thought that his majesty might permit the said earl to repair to his own dwellings within this kingdom.

The king's majesty and estates of parliament grant commission to the persons underwritten to meet and examine the remarks made mutually upon the commission and overtures for the kirk, namely: [Robert Ker], earl of Roxburghe, [David Carnegie, earl of] Southesk and [John Kennedy, earl of] Cassilis for the nobility; [Sir Robert Innes], laird of Innes, [Sir Gilbert Ramsay of] Balmain and [Sir Thomas Hope of] Kerse for the gentry; [Master George Gray], the commissioner of Haddington, [Master Robert Barclay, commissioner for] Irvine and [James Sword, commissioner for] St Andrews for the burghs, to meet tomorrow at 8 o'clock.

Regarding the overtures presented by those nominated upon the committee for the middle shires, the same being read in audience of his majesty and parliament, they appoint [Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], king's advocate, to draw up a commission to the persons therein contained according thereto.

Adjourns and continues the parliament to Tuesday at 10 o'clock and straitly commands all members of parliament to be present thereat. And ordains the several bodies to meet this afternoon at 3 o'clock that they may go to their several committees.

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