21 October 1641

[Committee appointed to take trial of 'The Incident'; continuation]

The king being present.

The king's majesty, with advice of the estates of parliament, agreed that the trial of the late 'Incident' should be by way of committee and therefore his majesty and estates of parliament grant power and commission to the persons underwritten to examine upon oath or without oath or either or both ways all persons necessary for trial and discovery of the verity of the said 'Incident', and to report the same in plain parliament, namely: [John Campbell, lord Loudoun], lord chancellor, [John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino], lord president, [James Stewart], duke of Lennox and [John Maitland, earl of] Lauderdale for the nobility; [Sir George Dundas], laird of Dundas, [Sir Thomas Myreton of] Cambo, [William Rigg of] Aithernie and [Sir Robert Adair of] Kinhilt for the gentry; [Robert Arnott], the commissioner of Perth, [Patrick Leslie, commissioner for] Aberdeen, [Patrick Bell, commissioner for] Glasgow and [John Semple of Stainflett, commissioner for] Dumbarton for the burghs, or any seven of them, there being two at least of every estate. And straitly commands all the said persons precisely to attend the said committee and not to be absent without excuse upon known sickness under the pain to be censured at the sight of his majesty and parliament. And appoints the said committee to cause subscribe depositions and close the same, and commands an oath of secrecy to be taken by those of the committee among themselves for keeping secret unrevealed to any the depositions of all witnesses or parties examined before them until the same be reported and published in parliament, except what shall be thought fitting and allowed by the committee or quorum thereof, to meet at 3 o'clock after noon and tomorrow at 8 o'clock.

Appoints the parliament to meet tomorrow at 10 o'clock, and the several bodies this afternoon at 3 o'clock and tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning.

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[Committee ordered to meet; supplication read and granted]

Appoints the committee for examination of the witnesses produced by William Cunningham [of Polton] against [Alexander Stewart], earl of Galloway to meet this afternoon at 4 o'clock for that end.

Regarding the supplication presented by the spouse of Colonel [John] Cochrane, desiring to have access to her husband, the king's majesty and estates of parliament grant permission to the supplicant to speak with her husband in a known language in presence and audience of John Smith [of Grotehill].

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