16 October 1641

[Answer to remonstrance from the English commissioners for disbanding regiments and demolishing fortifications remitted to the lord general and chancellor; continuation]

The king being present.

Regarding the desire presented by the English commissioners, desiring that the regiments which are yet on foot may be disbanded and fortifications slighted according to the treaty, seeing the like is done in England, the king's majesty and estates of parliament appoint [Alexander Leslie, earl of Leven], lord general, and [John Campbell, lord Loudoun], chancellor, to take the said desire to their consideration and to think upon the answer thereof, and to report the same to the king's majesty and parliament.

Continues the parliament until Tuesday next at 9 o'clock before noon, and appoints the estates then to meet.

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[Supplication to the Earl of Crawford read and refused; petition of General Ruthven continued]

Supplication by [Ludovic Lindsay], earl of Crawford, desiring hearing or liberty upon caution for his compearance, read in audience of his majesty and parliament, who refuse the desire thereof but permit Robert Fletcher [of Bonshaw] to speak with the supplicant in audience of James Murray.

Sir Thomas Hope [of Craighall] presented a supplication from General [Patrick] Ruthven desiring permission to come to Scotland for his private affairs, and showed that [Alexander Leslie, earl of Leven], lord general, desired him to present the same to the parliament, which being read was continued until Tuesday.

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