[Petition regarding the pay of lieutenant colonels and majors approved; supplication regarding officers' pay to be taken into further consideration]

The king being present.

Petition by the lieutenant colonels and majors for the army who had companies, desiring the pay of a captain, read in audience of his majesty and parliament, who find the desire thereof reasonable and therefore appoint all such lieutenant colonels and majors to have captains' pay as shall be testified by [Alexander Leslie of Balgonie], lord general, and their own colonel to have had companies.

Supplication by the officers who served within the country desiring their pay read and taken to further consideration.

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[Commission for hearing the commissary-general's accounts remitted to each estate; letter to the Queen of Sweden approved; continuation]

Commission for hearing [Master Alexander Gibson of Durie], commissary-general's accounts read in audience of his majesty and estates of parliament, who appoint a copy thereof to be given to every estate, whereupon the commissary-general declared that he was ready to make his accounts and had often urged the same, and that no delay proceeded from him.

A letter from his majesty in Latin to Queen [Christina] of Sweden and the regents thereof, desiring that they would proceed slowly in a treaty of peace with the emperor until his majesty send an ambassador, read publicly in parliament and uniformly approved by the whole estates, and subscribed in face of parliament by his majesty and [John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino], president.

Adjourns and continues the parliament until Friday next at 9 o'clock, and in the meantime appoints the committee to meet presently, and also the several estates, and appoints both committee and the several bodies to meet tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning and 2 o'clock after noon, and appoints them to meet upon Friday at 7 o'clock in the morning.

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