[Approbation of Lord Almond's carriage as lieutenant general; committee for drawing up the patent of the office of chancellery appointed]

The king being present.

Approbation of [James Livingstone], lord Almond, his service and carriage in the place of lieutenant general of the army, read and most unanimously voted and granted, with consent of the general reported in parliament.

Patent of the office of chancellery to [John Campbell], lord Loudoun relative to the king's nomination and his election, with approbation of the parliament, read in audience of his majesty and estates of parliament, who appoint a committee to be made for drawing up the act of parliament and the said patent for the said election and nomination. And for that effect nominate [John Maitland], earl of Lauderdale and [David Carnegie, earl of] Southesk for the nobility, [Sir Robert Innes], laird of Innes and [Sir Thomas Hope of] Kerse for the barons, [Master George Gray], the commissioner of Haddington and [Master Robert Cunningham, commissioner for] Kinghorn for the burghs, with power to call Sir Thomas Nicolson [of Carnock] and other procurators of estate, whom appoint to meet at 2 o'clock after noon.

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