28 September 1641

[The bodies ordered to meet regarding the estates' veto over officers of state; supplications read and warrant granted for payment of army]

The king being present.

Appoints every estate to meet at 2 o'clock, that their commissioners may be ready to go to his majesty about 4 or 5 o'clock to prepare and facilitate their answer to his majesty's demand whether the officers nominated by him are fit or not.

Supplication by the officers of the army desiring payment of their whole arrears, together with the report from the committee for the army, together also with a supplication from William Thomson, desiring orders and resolution regarding some question which will arise in the payment of officers, read in audience of his majesty, who approves the overture of the committee for the payment of all officers and for the manner of borrowing money to pay the soldiers, and gives order to William Thomson to pay the officers according to his warrant.

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[Auditors for the commissary-general's accounts; commissions granted; exoneration of the carriage of commissioner in the treaty negotiations granted]

The estates promised to think apart upon the auditors for [Master Alexander Gibson of Durie], commissary-general's account at his most earnest desire.

Commission granted for transportation of John and Thomas Black to Edinburgh to be tried before the justice.

Commission granted for trial of Helen Moyes, accused of the murder of her own child.

Supplication by Master Alexander Henderson, craving exoneration and approbation of his carriage in the negotiation of the treaty, read in audience of his majesty and estates, who grant the desire thereof and appoint an act to be drawn thereupon.

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[Warrant granted to the town of Edinburgh for receiving a prisoner in the tolbooth]

Warrant granted to the provost and bailies of Edinburgh to receive within their tolbooth and wardhouse from [Sir William Baillie], laird of Lamington, Archibald Campbell, who is apprehended by him for killing the late Mungo Watson.

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