[Ratification read and continued; membership of committee for the distressed ministers in the north; acts read and approved]

The king being present.

Ratification of Master David Dickson's transportation to Glasgow, and of a profession of divinity in that college, read and continued until the burghs be satisfied with some clauses thereof.

Supplication by some distressed ministers in the north, craving that order may be given for reparation of their losses and safe return to their countries for discharge of their calling, read and the ministers appointed to condescend upon some fitting persons to whom a commission may be granted for the effect above-written.

Act against monuments of idolatry read, voted and passed in parliament.

Act against non-communicants and excommunicated persons read, voted and passed in parliament as it stands.

The ministers of the north within mentioned nominate [James Ogilvie], earl of Findlater, [Alexander Forbes], lord Forbes and [Andrew Fraser, lord] Fraser, [Sir William Forbes], laird of Craigievar, [John Forbes of] Leslie and [Sir Alexander Abercrombie of] Birkenbog, [Patrick Leslie], the commissioner of Aberdeen, [Master Alexander Douglas of Downies, commissioner for] Banff and [James Rose of Merkinsche, commissioner for] Inverness, whom his majesty, with advice of the estates, nominates as a committee; with power to them, or any five of them, to hear and try the loss sustained by the supplicants and such overtures as can be thought upon for reparation thereof and for their safe dwelling and returning home, which they shall hear and report to the parliament but not to conclude.

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[Memorandum for the election of a committee to hear the accounts of commissaries remitted to each estate; commission for manufactories appointed]

Regarding the proposition made by [John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino], lord president, that a course may be taken for a committee to hear the accounts of commissaries, appoints a memorandum to be given to every estate.

Regarding the commission for manufactories the estates nominate as follows, namely: for the noblemen, [Robert Ker], earl of Roxburghe, [John Maitland, earl of] Lauderdale, [David Carnegie, earl of] Southesk, [John Hay], lord Yester, [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh and [John Cranston, lord] Cranston; for the barons [William Rigg of] Aithernie, [Robert Pringle of] Stichill, [Sir Robert Adair of] Kinhilt, [Sir William Forbes of] Craigievar, [Sir Duncan Campbell of] Auchinbreck and [Sir James Sinclair of] Murkle; for the burghs [James Cochrane and Richard Maxwell], the commissioners of Edinburgh, [James Fletcher, commissioner for] Dundee, [Patrick Leslie, commissioner for] Aberdeen, [Patrick Bell, commissioner for] Glasgow, [James Sword, commissioner for] St Andrews and [John Osborne, commissioner for] Ayr, or any three of every estate, with [Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], king's advocate, for his majesty's interest.

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[Act regarding the separation of the baronies of Nether Ancrum etc. from the regality of Glasgow withdrawn; overtures for suppressing broken men remitted to each estate]

[Robert Ker], earl of Roxburghe declared that he had caused present an act for dismembering the baronies of Neither Ancrum, Lilliesleaf and [Eskirk] from the regality of Glasgow, to the effect that citations or hornings might be executed against the inhabitants of the said baronies at the cross of Ancrum, which he had done only for the ease of the said inhabitants and for their special benefit in respect of the distance of their dwelling from Glasgow. And now, seeing some of them did not so well conceive the same and did not acquiesce to that act, he passed from the said act and would not further urge the same.

Overtures for suppressing of broken men read in audience of his majesty and estates, who appoint a duplicate thereof to be given to every estate and also to [Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], king's advocate, that they may be advised relating thereto.

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[Earl of Galloway's request for advocates to plead for him against the burgh of Wigtown continued; act read and approved; continuation]

[Alexander Stewart], earl of Galloway desired the king and estates to command advocates to plead for him against the burgh of Wigtown in respect of his weakness, which impedes him to speak for himself. The parliament continues to give answer to that desire until they hear the business and complaints.

Act regarding the bullion read, voted and passed in parliament.

Appoints the parliament to meet after noon upon the bills.

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