3 September 1641

[Warrant for appending the great seal to the treaty of London granted; supplications read and privileges of macers of parliament determined]

The king being present.

Warrant to [Sir John Scott of Scotstarvit], director of the chancellery, for appending the great seal to the treaty and regarding the words to be prefixed and subjoined thereto subscribed by [John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino], president, and delivered to the director of the chancellery.

The estates of parliament, having taken to their consideration the mutual supplications from [William Keith], earl Marischal and from the macers of council and session regarding their liberty of staying within the house, with the whole reasons given on either side for the same, and having heard the macers verbally, they ordain the macers to stay without the doors of the parliament house and attend there until they be called in to receive their directions from the president or clerks. And allow the Earl Marischal only to have one servant within the house, who shall call in the macers by direction, and appoint the macers only to attend at committees, but not the Earl Marischal's servants.

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[Act read and continued; ratification remitted to each estate; continuation]

Act dismembering Lilliesleaf, Eskirk, Ancrum etc., from the regality of Glasgow read and continued until Wednesday next, that [Robert Pringle of Stichill and William Elliott of Stobs], commissioners for the sheriffdom of Roxburgh, or [John Rutherford, commissioner for the] town of Jedburgh may be advised therewith, and that they and all others who have interest to object against the same may be heard that day peremptorily.

Ratification of the privileges of the college of justice read and appointed to be given to each estate to be advised.

The estates continue the meeting for the bills until Wednesday next in the afternoon, and this afternoon appoint each estate to meet by themselves.

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