31 August 1641

[Acts ordered to be printed; diet for answering of supplications; paper to be prefixed to the treaty of London remitted to each estate]

The king being present.

The king's majesty and estates of parliament command the acts of June 1640 to be published and printed, and subscribed a warrant for that effect.

The estates of parliament appoint this Thursday afternoon for hearing and answering all supplications exhibited to them and dispense with the sitting of the committees that time.

[Sir John Scott of Scotstarvit], director of the chancellery, exhibited a form of draft to be prefixed to the ratification of the treaty when the great seal is appended thereto, which being read in audience of his majesty and estates, they appoint every one of the estates to have a duplicate thereof to be advised by the estates.

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[Acts read and appointed to be taken into further consideration; act approved; cautionary granted]

Act prohibiting unlawful oaths in England read and redelivered to [Master Robert Dalgleish], agent for the kirk, that every estate may have a duplicate thereof.

Act in favour of ministers, discharging suspensions to be granted of ministers' stipends without consignation, read and redelivered to the agent for the kirk, that he may cause every estate have a duplicate thereof.

Act regarding the bullion read and appointed to be shown to [Sir James Carmichael], treasurer depute, and [John Falconer], master of the mint-house, until tomorrow.

Act regarding the pearling, discharging the patent thereof and renewing the second article of the act of 1621 regarding banqueting and apparel, read, voted and passed in parliament.

Sir John MacKenzie of Tarbat desired to be exonerated of his cautionary, whereby he was bound to the parliament to exhibit [Angus MacDonald], young Glengarry, in respect the said Glengarry is now present in face of parliament and thereupon asked instruments. And young Glengarry desired that his supplication might be read and answered and declared he could not find caution, but was content to act himself. Thereafter Sir John MacKenzie of Tarbat of new again acted himself, under the pain of 10,000 merks, that young Glengarry shall appear before the parliament when he shall be required and shall not go out of Edinburgh or a mile round about to the conclusion of this parliament by riding or prorogation. And young Glengarry acted himself for the said Sir John's relief.

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