[Commissioner for Haddingtonshire ordered to resume his place; treaty of London ratified; paper to be prefixed to the treaty remitted to each estate]

The king being present.

The commission granted to [Sir Patrick Hepburn], laird of Waughton, [Sir John Hamilton], laird of Preston and Sir Patrick Murray [of Elibank] being read, therefore now after Waughton's return, continues him commissioner with Preston in respect of the tenor of the commissions produced, bearing that Sir Patrick is only appointed in absence of the other.

The king's majesty and estates of parliament ratify the treaty and approve the act of ratification read in their whole presence, which was superscribed with his majesty's hand and subscribed by [John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino], president, and both the treaty and act of ratification foresaid touched with the sceptre.

[Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], king's advocate, produced a paper, which he desired to be prefixed to the said treaty when it shall pass the great seal, whereof appoints a copy to be given to every estate that they may be advised thereupon.

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[Decision regarding preferred commission for Roxburgh continued; penalties for absence at committees]

The commissions for the commissioners of Roxburgh being read, continues to give answer thereto or determine which of the two should have place until all public business and process be ended, according to the act for ordering the house.

The estates appoints the committees to keep their meetings precisely at 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the parliament house under the same pains for absence and late coming as is contained in the act for absents from the parliament or late coming, and ordain the ordinary macers to attend thereupon.

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[Committee appointed to consult with the king regarding those issues not resolved in the treaty of London]

The estates nominate [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll, [John Kennedy, earl of] Cassilis and [William Kerr, earl of] Lothian for the nobility, [Sir George Dundas], laird of Dundas, [Sir Robert Innes of] Innes and [Sir Thomas Hope of] Kerse for the barons, [Patrick Leslie], the commissioner of Aberdeen, [Patrick Bell, commissioner for] Glasgow and [Master Robert Barclay, commissioner for] Irvine for the burghs with their commissioners as they are called, and Master Archibald Johnston [of Wariston] to speak with his majesty regarding those things which are not fully determined in the treaty, but remitted to be concluded by the king and parliament. And also to desire his majesty that he would consent that those acts formerly proposed and prepared in this session of parliament (whereof his majesty has an index) may be now enacted. And to speak to the king regarding the disbanding of the English army and garrisons of Berwick and Carlisle, according to the treaty.

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