[Absent members; report of committee for the Earl of Montrose's supplication read]

The king being present.

The estates appoint the names of all those who are absent or send substitutes to be given daily to [William Keith], earl Marischal, that accordingly the penalties may be enacted.

The report by the committee regarding the explanation of [James Graham, earl of] Montrose's supplication being produced and read, together with the said supplication, his majesty and estates of parliament declare regarding that part of the supplication craving the extract of papers and depositions whereupon his process is founded, that what has been granted to any others shall be given to the supplicant, he instructing by practice that the like has been formerly done to any other. And for the other part of the supplication, declare that they will proceed to a legal course and trial in the own time when the house shall think convenient, unless the Earl of Montrose offer some such thing by supplication or submission as shall give the house satisfaction.

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[Supplications craving liberty from imprisonment refused; treaty of London subscribed by the king and commissioners]

The supplication presented by [James Graham], earl of Montrose, [Archibald Napier], lord Napier, [Sir George Stirling], laird of Keir and [Sir Archibald Stewart of] Blackhall craving enlargement upon surety being read in presence of his majesty and estates of parliament, who refuse the desire of the supplication.

His majesty in face of parliament superscribed the treaty which is subscribed by the commissioners. And also [Sir Patrick Hepburn of] Waughton, [Sir William Douglas of Cavers], sheriff of Teviotdale, and Hugh Kennedy subscribed the same also in presence of parliament because [Charles Seton, earl of] Dunfermline and [John Campbell, lord] Loudoun had subscribed the same at London and John Smith [of Grotehill] was not present. Thereafter John Smith also subscribed the same.

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[Query whether the commissioners returned from London should resume their places in parliament remitted to the barons and burghs]

Appoints the barons and burghs to think until tomorrow if those who were commissioners at London for the treaty, being returned to this country, should not return again to their vote in parliament in respect the election of others in their absence is extinguished by the return of the first commissioners.

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