[Supplication read and remitted to committee; overtures regarding the dispute between officers of parliament continued]

The king being present.

Supplication by [James Graham], earl of Montrose, desiring that his business may be taken to consideration, read in audience of parliament, which remits the same to the committee, that they may call Montrose before them to explain his desire and set the same under his hand.

Continues the answer to the overtures for settling the differences between [William Keith, earl Marischal], marischal, and macers until Tuesday, that his majesty may hear the same; as also the remonstrances produced for [Gilbert Hay, earl of Erroll], constable.

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[Committee for the king's manifesto in favour of the Prince Elector Palatine appointed; instruments taken by the macers regarding the marischal refusing them entry to the chamber]

Appoints [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll, [Robert Ker, earl of] Roxburghe and [David Carnegie, earl of] Southesk for the nobility, [Sir Thomas Myreton of] Cambo, [Sir Robert Innes of] Innes and [Sir Thomas Hope of] Kerse for the barons, [Patrick Bell], the commissioner of Glasgow, [Thomas Bruce of Weltoun, commissioner for] Stirling and [Master Robert Barclay, commissioner for] Irvine, to meet this afternoon with [James Stewart], duke of Lennox and [James Hamilton], marquis of Hamilton in the duke's lodging, to draw up their approbation of the king's manifest in favour of [Charles Louis], Elector Palatine.

The macers of council and session asked instruments that they were debarred by [William Keith], earl Marischal from the liberty of abiding within the house of parliament without any warrant, and therefore protested that the same be not prejudicial to their rights and possession, and desired to be continued in their possession, and that the house would presently give answer thereto.

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