17 August 1641

[Protest of the lord advocate regarding his place in parliament; ratification of the acts of the treaty continued]

The king's majesty present in parliament.

[Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], advocate, produced a protestation declaring that albeit he obeyed an ordinance of the house allowing him to sit in parliament without voting, yet protested that his obedience prejudice not him or his successors of the liberties and privileges of his place due to him and them as the same produced by him in paper bears.

His majesty present in his royal person offered himself ready to ratify the acts of parliament approved by the treaty; and the estates of parliament desired his majesty to continue the same to the next session of parliament, which is appointed to be tomorrow at 9 o'clock; upon the which humble desire his majesty, though most unwilling to have the least delay and most desirous of greatest expedition, agreed to give that time of advisement.

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[Deputation of the estates to consult with the king; order for the imprisonment of Sir William Cockburn of Langton, usher, rescinded]

It was moved by [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll that in case anything debatable should occur to be proposed in parliament, then two of each estate should be sent to speak thereupon to his majesty privately beforehand. And upon the humble suit of the parliament, the king's majesty approved the same motion and agreed thereto.

Whereas [Sir William Cockburn], laird of Langton was commanded to go to the castle by his majesty's warrant for taking upon him without knowledge or direction from his majesty to go before the king as usher with a rod in his hand, yet his majesty declared that since this was the first day of his appearance in this parliament he would deal so bountifully with his subjects that none should be imprisoned. And therefore his majesty commanded Langton to keep his chamber until tomorrow, that the matter might be heard and settled regarding his claim to the office of usher.

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