Protestation of Sir William Dick [of Braid] and whole fishers against [George Aitken of Underedge], laird of Aitken's ratification

In presence of the king's majesty and estates of parliament compeared personally Master Andrew Dick, procurator for Sir William Dick of Braid, knight, his father, and for him and in name and on behalf of the whole fishers, protested that the ratification granted in this present parliament in favour of George Aitken of Underedge of a warrant and deliverance of the secret council granted in favour of the tacksmen of the teind herring at Dunbar should be in no way prejudicial to Sir William Dick and other fishers of the said herring fishing at Dunbar, and with the liberties and privileges of the said fishing whereof they and the former fishers have had right and possession in time bygone; and thereupon asked instruments.

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