Protestation of the wrights of the Canongate against the ratification of the wrights of Edinburgh

In presence of the king's majesty and estates of parliament compeared personally in parliament Master Roger Mowat, advocate, in name and on behalf of the wrights, coopers, glaziers, panton heel makers and whole incorporation and freemen of their trade within the town of the Canongate, according to their seal of cause, and protested that the ratification granted this day in parliament in favour of the wrights and freemen of their trade within the burgh of Edinburgh should in no way be prejudicial to the said wrights and freemen of the Canongate and their said incorporation or successors, nor to the liberties and privileges granted to them and ratification thereof in parliament in their favour of the date of this protestation; and thereupon asked instruments.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.355r-355v. Back
  2. Defined in DSL as a kind of soft shoe or slipper. Back