Ratification in favour of [Sir Ludovic Houston], laird of Houston

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament ratify and approve the charter and infeftment granted by his majesty, for himself and as prince and stewart of Scotland, under the great seal, to his majesty's beloved Sir Ludovic Houston of that Ilk, knight, his male heirs and assignees specified therein heritably, of all and whole the lands and barony of Houston, with the pertinents, comprehending all and sundry the lands, towns, manor places, mills, multures, woods and others respectively mentioned in the said charter, which contains a union of the said whole lands and others foresaid in a whole and free barony, called the barony of Houston, to be held of the prince and his successors, as princes and stewarts of Scotland, in manner specified in the said charter, which is dated at Holyroodhouse, 1 August 1627, with the precept of sasine under the quarter seal and instrument of sasine following thereupon, in all and sundry heads, articles, clauses and conditions thereof. And will and grant that this present ratification is and shall be as effectual, valid and sufficient as if the foresaid charter, precept and instrument of sasine were word by word at length expressed, inserted and set down herein; concerning which his majesty and estates of parliament have dispensed and, by this ratification, dispense with all that has followed or may follow thereupon for now and ever.

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