Ratification in favour of John Carstairs [of Newgrange]

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament ratify and approve the charter granted by John [Spottiswood], late archbishop of St Andrews, to his majesty's beloved John Carstairs of Newgrange, his heirs and assignees, of the lands and tenancy of Kilconquhar, with the pertinents, comprehending the particular lands, loch, fishing thereof, yearly free fair and others mentioned therein, and also containing a new gift thereof, to be held of the said archbishop and his successors as superiors thereof, for service of ward and relief, and also paying yearly thereof 6 merks Scots money at two terms in the year, Whitsunday [May/June] and Martinmas [11 November] in winter, by equal portions, in name of kane, and for the said yearly fair, customs and privileges thereof the sum of 30s money foresaid yearly at the said terms, and also taxing the ward and non-entry of the said lands and others foresaid to the sum of £160 money yearly at the said terms, and also taxing the marriage of the heirs of the foresaid lands, with the pertinents, to £208 money foresaid in manner contained in the said charter, which is of date [...] July 1635, with the precept and instrument of sasine following thereupon, in the whole heads, articles and clauses thereof; and will this present ratification to be as effectual as if the same were word by word inserted herein.

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