Ratification in favour of [James Douglas], earl of Queensberry

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and confirm the charter and infeftment granted by his majesty, with consent of the lords and others of his highness's exchequer of this kingdom under his highness's great seal in favour of the late William [Douglas], earl of Queensberry, lord Douglas of Hawick and Tibbers etc., in liferent and of his highness's right trusty cousin James, now earl of Queensberry, therein designed James, lord Drumlanrig, his son, and the male heirs lawfully to be procreated between him and Dame Margaret Stewart, his spouse, which failing, the said James, earl of Queensberry, his male heirs and assignees whatsoever heritably, of all and whole the lands, barony and regality of Drumlanrig and all and sundry the other lands, lordships, baronies, regality, burgh in barony, advocations, donations, rights of patronages and others specially and generally therein set down, and of the new gift, donation and disposition contained therein, and new union, creation and incorporation thereof in a whole and free earldom, lordship, barony, regality and justiciary, with free chapel and chancellery within the whole bounds and marches thereof, called the earldom of Queensberry and lordship of Drumlanrig, with the title, style and dignity of an earl, according to the date of the said late earl's patent thereof, and of the free burgh in barony and regality within the whole bounds built or to be built, constructed and [erected] upon the ground of Dalgarno, to be called in all time coming the burgh in barony and regality of Dalgarno, with all lands, tenements, acres, cottages, houses, buildings, yards, tofts, crofts and all their pertinents within the whole bounds and territory thereof assigned and destined or to be assigned and destined thereto by the said late William, earl of Queensberry, or by his highness's said right trusty cousin James, now earl of Queensberry and his foresaids, and of the privileges and liberties whatsoever belonging thereto, and of the tax holdings and other holdings whatsoever contained therein, of the date at Oatlands, 7 July 1636, and with the precept and instrument of sasine following thereupon, in all and sundry the heads, points, clauses, articles, circumstances and conditions whatsoever contained therein, and after the forms and tenors of the same in all points. And will and grant this present ratification and confirmation of the said infeftment to be as valid, effectual and sufficient to his highness's said right trusty cousin, James, now earl of Queensberry and his foresaids in all respects and conditions, as if the said infeftment word for word were herein expressly, specially and generally and particularly expressed, inserted, set down, ratified and confirmed; concerning which, and with all other defects and imperfections of the said infeftment and this present ratification thereof, our said sovereign lord and estates foresaid have dispensed and, by this ratification, dispense for ever.

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