Ratification in favour of the feuars of Kylesmuir

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament ratify and approve the contract passed between his majesty, with consent of the treasurers and lords of exchequer, on the one part, and George Rid of Dalmilling and Robert Farquhar, fiar of Gilminscroft, for themselves and in name of the other feuars and vassals of the lordship of Kylesmuir and Barmuir, on the other part, of the date at Whitehall and Holyroodhouse, 17 November and [...] December 1631, whereby his majesty, with consent foresaid, made the said George and Robert as said is assignees in and to the reversion granted by John [Campbell], lord Loudoun to his majesty of the superiorities of Kylesmuir for redemption thereof, to the effect the said vassals may be infeft in their particular lands of the said lordship by his majesty, as the said contract of the date foresaid, containing diverse other conditions in the self at more length bears; together with the renunciation made by the said Lord Loudoun of the said superiority of the said lordship, containing procuratory of resignation in favour of the said vassals and feuars thereof, to the effect they and every one of them may be infeft in their particular proper lands and others held of his majesty in manner contained in the said renunciation, containing procuratory of resignation as said is, which is of the date 15 March 1634; together with all infeftments granted by his majesty under the great seal or to be granted to them according to the said contract and procuratory of resignation foresaid, in the whole heads, articles, clauses and conditions thereof. And will that this ratification shall be as effectual as if the said contract, renunciation, procuratory of resignation and infeftments foresaid were herein inserted word for word, concerning which his majesty and estates dispense for ever.

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