Ratification in favour of the ministers of Brechin

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, considering that forasmuch as it has pleased his sacred majesty out of his royal zeal and fatherly affection to the growth and increase of religion within this his majesty's ancient kingdom, by his signature of disposition, dated 12 October last, to give and convey to the two ministers of the burgh of Brechin and their successors the stipends following, namely: to the first and present minister the quantity of eight chalders of victual and 200 merks, with the bishop's house for his manse, and to the second minister 500 merks in victual or money at a hundred the chalder, and £50 for the communion elements, to be paid out of the particular places of teinds and feu duties pertaining to the late bishopric of Brechin, in manner at length specified in the said signature; therefore his majesty and estates of parliament ratify, approve and confirm the foresaid signature and gift and disposition contained therein in all and sundry heads, articles and circumstances thereof, and will and grant and, for his highness and his successors, with consent of the estates of parliament, decree and ordain this present confirmation to be as sufficient and effectual to the said ministers of Brechin and their successors in all time coming as if the foresaid signature, gift and disposition were word by word inserted herein, concerning which, and with all that may follow thereupon, his majesty and estates of parliament dispense for ever. And further, his majesty and estates of parliament have dissolved and, by this ratification, dissolve the foresaid teinds, feu mails, stipends and others mentioned in the said signature from his majesty's crown and patrimony thereof, and from the bishopric of Brechin and all other benefices to the which the same were annexed or pertained of before, and suppress and extinguish the name and memory of the said bishopric to the effect the foresaid feu duties, teinds, stipends and others foresaid may remain with the present ministers of Brechin and their successors as a testimony of his majesty's favour for their stipends perpetually in all time coming.

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