Ratification of the erection of the lordship of Cardross

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament ratify and approve the charter under his majesty's great seal granted to the late John [Erskine], earl of Mar, his male heirs and assignees, of the date at Theobalds, 14 July 1634, by the which his majesty has ratified and approved the charters and infeftments of erection granted by his majesty's late father of blessed memory to and in favour of the said late John, earl of Mar, his male heirs and assignees, erecting the abbacies and priories of Dryburgh, Cambuskenneth and Inchmahome to the said John, earl of Mar and his foresaids in a temporal lordship, to be called the lordship of Cardross, with all rights and dispositions made by the said earl in favour of his bairns and children or in favour of any of his majesty's subjects of whatsoever kirks and teinds pertaining to the said new erected lordship in the whole heads and articles thereof. And will and declare that this present ratification shall be as effectual as if the same were herein inserted word for word, and will and declare that the benefit of the said charter is and shall be extended to and in favour of David [Erskine], lord Cardross, grandson to the said earl and successor to him in the right of the said lordship of Cardross, wherein the said David stands infeft as son and heir to the late Harry Erskine, lord Cardross, his father.

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