Ratification to Colonel [Alexander] Hamilton

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament ratify, approve and confirm the two letters of gift after-specified, both of the date 16 November instant, namely: one thereof granted by his majesty to and in favour of Colonel Alexander Hamilton, general of the artillery, whereby his majesty makes and constitutes him general of his majesty's artillery and master of his ordinance and ammunition, together with the privileges, honours, fees and dignities belonging thereto, as the said letter of gift of the date foresaid at more length bears; and also ratify, approve and confirm another gift and confirmation granted by his majesty of a letter of pension of £800 sterling yearly to be uplifted out of the wine imposts by the said Colonel Alexander Hamilton, general of the artillery foresaid, during all the days of his lifetime, together with the bygone arrears thereof, as the said letter of the date foresaid at more length purports, in the whole heads, clauses, articles and conditions of the said two letters of gift above-mentioned. And statutes and ordains that this present ratification shall be as valid and effectual to the said general of the artillery as if the said gifts were and had been granted in parliament or by advice thereof, and as if the same were word by word engrossed herein; concerning which, and with all other solemnities, his majesty and estates foresaid freely dispense.

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