Ratification in favour of John Dickson [of Hartree]

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament ratify and approve to and in favour of his highness's beloved John Dickson of Hartree, servant to Sir Alexander Gibson, younger, of Durie, clerk register, a charter made and granted by William [Douglas], earl of Morton, containing a gift of novodamus therein to the said John Dickson, his heirs and assignees therein contained heritably, of and upon all and whole the town and lands of Kilbucho, the mill, mill lands and multures thereof, the lands of the motte or mains of Kilbucho, the lands of Raw, the lands of Blendewing, the lands of Cleuch, the lands of Gosland, with the advocation, donation and right of patronage of the kirk of Kilbucho, parsonage and vicarage teinds of the parish thereof, dated 13 August 1630, with the tacks of the teinds of the said parish and act of prorogation thereof, dated 23 January 1618. And also the two charters made and granted by John [Stewart], earl of Traquair, to and in favour of the said John Dickson, his heirs and assignees specified therein, the one thereof of the lands of Easterplace of Hartree, Burnfoot, Howslack and Blackbyres, and the other of the lands of Wester Hartree, mill thereof and five pound land of Thripland, with the tower, fortalice and manor place of the same lands, both dated 27 March 1635, with the houses, whole parts, pendicles and pertinents of the lands and others above-specified, all lying within the parish of Kilbucho, sheriffdom of Peebles and regality of Dalkeith, with the dispositions, procuratories and instruments of resignation whereon the said charters proceeded and the precepts of sasine and instruments of sasine following upon the foresaid charters, and either of them; together also with a disposition granted by John, earl of Traquair, etc., principal treasurer for the time of this kingdom, and the other commissioners therein nominated, to the said John Dickson of the annuity of the teinds of the foresaid whole lands above-mentioned, with the pertinents, dated 11 August 1637, and registered in the books of exchequer 15 August 1637; together likewise with all other infeftments, sasines and other rights granted to the said John Dickson and his authors and their predecessors of, upon and concerning the foresaid lands, mills, patronage, teinds, annuity and others above-specified of whatsoever dates, tenors or contents the same be of, in all and sundry the heads, articles, clauses and conditions contained therein, and after the forms and tenors thereof in all points. And our said sovereign lord and estates of parliament declare that this present ratification of the said charters, infeftments, tacks, dispositions and other rights specially and generally above-written hereby ratified as said is, is and shall be as sufficient and of as great force and effect as if the same charters and rights were expressly word for word inserted herein, notwithstanding the same be not so done; concerning which, and with all other defects and objections that may be proposed or alleged against the same rights or any of them, or this present ratification thereof and validities of the same, our said sovereign lord and estates of parliament have dispensed and hereby dispense for ever. And further, our said sovereign lord and estates of parliament foresaid decree and ordain the said charters, infeftments, tacks and rights hereby ratified to be valid and undoubted rights to the said John Dickson and his foresaids for holding and possessing of the said lands, mills, patronage, teinds, annuity and others respectively above-written contained in the said rights with the pertinents thereof above-written and according to the said rights in time coming.

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