Ratification to the masons and wrights of Edinburgh

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, considering that there was an act of council of the burgh of Edinburgh made and granted by the provost, bailies, dean of guild, treasurer, council and deacons of crafts of the same burgh in favour of the deacons of the masons and wrights for the time, for themselves and in name and on behalf of their said crafts and brethren thereof, and also in name and on behalf of the whole coopers, glaziers, bowyers, slaters, painters and others, their adherents, containing sundry privileges and liberties conceived in their favour, and containing certain prohibitions therein specified regarding unfreemen in the said crafts and others dwelling within and about the same burgh for bringing in and setting up therein of works belonging to their said crafts at length mentioned in the said act, as the same of the date 18 April 1633, under the seal of cause of the said burgh of Edinburgh, at more length purports, whereof there was a confirmation under his majesty's great seal made in their favour, containing the said act of council at length inserted therein, as in the said confirmation of the date 8 August 1635 at more length is contained; and his majesty and estates of this present parliament, finding the said act of council and confirmation thereof to tend for the enabling of craftsmen in the crafts above-written and for advancing of policy within the said burgh, therefore our said sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the estates of this present parliament, has ratified and approved and, by this legislation, ratifies and approves the foresaid act of council and his majesty's confirmation thereof above-specified of the dates respectively above-written in all points, articles and clauses contained therein, after the forms and tenors thereof, and declares this present general ratification thereof to be as sufficient as if the same were at length and word by word inserted herein, dispensing hereby with the not inserting thereof; and statutes and ordains the same to stand as a perpetual law to the said crafts and their successors according to the tenors thereof, and that all judges within this realm upon any controversy that shall occur regarding the said liberties shall determine according to the tenor of the said act of council and confirmation thereof foresaid in all points.

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