Act ordaining the commissioners for the treasury

Our sovereign lord, considering that his majesty was lately pleased to condescend to the humble desire of his majesty's estates of parliament to nominate by their advice and approbation his officers of state, of whom his majesty's high treasurer is one, and that his majesty for the present is not resolved upon the nomination of any particular person to enjoy the said place but has, with advice of the said estates, taken present course to supply the want of a principal treasurer by a committee; therefore his majesty, with consent of the said estates, makes, nominates and constitutes John [Campbell], earl of Loudoun, high chancellor of this kingdom, Archibald [Campbell], earl of Argyll, lord Campbell and Lorne, William [Cunningham], earl of Glencairn, lord Kilmaurs, John [Lindsay], lord Lindsay of Struther, and Sir James Carmichael of that Ilk, knight, treasurer depute, his majesty's commissioners to the effect underwritten, and gives and grants to them, or any three of them, the full place and power of his majesty's high treasurer, comptroller, collector and treasurer of his majesty's new augmentations, [with all liberties, privileges, immunities, benefits and emoluments whatsoever pertaining to the said place of high treasurer, comptroller, collector and treasurer of his majesty's new augmentations], and that in as ample manner and quality as the same was in the persons of any of his majesty's high treasurers in any time of before. With power to them, or any three of them, to uplift, gather and intromit with all and sundry his majesty's rents, revenues, customs, imposts, casualties, commodities, duties and others whatsoever in any way belonging to his majesty within this kingdom or to his majesty's dearest son, the prince, and that of all years and terms bygone and yearly in time coming. And with power to them, or any three of them, with advice of the other commissioners of exchequer contained in his majesty's commission under the great seal, and according to the tenor thereof, to pass, compose and subscribe signatures, gifts, confirmations, escheats, liferents, remissions, tutories, gifts by forfeiture, recognition, wards, marriages, relief, non-entries, legitimations, presentations, tacks, rentals, licences, dispensations and other dispositions, writs and securities whatsoever pertaining to the said offices or any of them or to the power and privileges thereof, without prejudice always to the said Sir James Carmichael, treasurer depute, of his gifts of the office of treasurer depute, whole liberties, power and privileges contained therein, which are held as expressed herein, without adding or pairing to him in the point of receiving and without derogation in any sort to this present act and commission. And it is declared that the yearly fees and other casualties due to his majesty's principal treasurer, and especially the sum of £4,000 Scots money, shall be divided equally amongst the said first four of the said commissioners by the said treasurer depute who has right to his own fee and casualties by virtue of his gifts granted to him thereupon. And his majesty, with consent foresaid, ordains the lords of his majesty's privy council, session or exchequer to grant and direct letters at the instance of the said commissioners for answering and obeying them, their chamberlains, under-receivers and officers of all and sundry of his majesty's rents, casualties, customs, imposts and duties belonging to the said office, and that enduring the time of this present commission, which shall endure to the next parliament.

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  2. John Lindsay had actually been created Earl of Lindsay in May 1633. Back
  3. APS interpolation, taken from the printed act in The Acts made in the Second Parliament of our most high and dread sovereign Charles, by the grace of God, King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. Holden at Edinburgh in the severall Sessions thereof, according to the dates therein mentioned (Edinburgh, 1641), p.157. Back