Reference in favour of William Dick of Braid

The which day the supplication given in to the parliament by William Dick of Braid, desiring the king and parliament to take to consideration the real advancement made by the supplicant to his highness's treasurer of his whole tack duty of the customs of the years of God 1637, 1638 and 1638, with the supplicant's prejudice by the merchants' refusal of payment of the customs due for the ammunition imported by them these years and by the act made in June exempting ammunition imported from payment of custom, and therefore craving to grant either real and personal execution to the supplicant against the merchants and others that imported any ammunition the foresaid years for payment to him of their due customs, or else to allow retention to the supplicant of as much impost and other customs intromitted with and to be intromitted with by him as may be equivalent to his prejudice and loss foresaid, as the said supplication more fully purports; being this day read in audience of the king's majesty and estates of parliament, his majesty and estates foresaid have remitted and referred, and hereby remit and refer, the foresaid supplication to the lords and others of his highness's exchequer.

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  2. Sic. '1638' repeated, possibly in error for 1639. Back