Reference in favour of [John Sinclair], lord Sinclair

The which day, regarding the supplication given in to the king's majesty and estates of parliament by John, lord Sinclair, bearing that in the beginning of these troubles he was employed toward the northern parts of this kingdom for giving information to them of the reasons and grounds of the proceeding in reformation and advancing of the good cause, and bringing a regiment if it were possible from thence hither, which voyage the supplicant undertook and by God's assistance overcame the difficulties and passed through the most part of that division committed to his charge with such train and expense as was necessary for the public end and his security, and not only by true information brought the people to that conformity which has ever since continued them in quietness, but did levy and bring from thence a complete regiment, which yet does continue in the north for good use and has thereby relieved the public of the greater expense of a greater regiment formerly employed in these places. And seeing all these bygone troubles are happily quieted, the supplicant represents these to the king and parliament, desiring to take the premises and his supplication given in thereupon to consideration that he may have exoneration and approbation of his service and that such course may be taken thereupon as shall seem expedient, as the foresaid supplication in the self at more length purports. Which supplication being this day read in audience of the king's majesty and estates of parliament, his majesty and estates foresaid remit the same and desire of the supplicant therein to the committee appointed by the king's majesty and estates of parliament for the common burdens of this kingdom to be considered by them.

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