Procedure: cautioners for the Earl of Montrose and others

According to the which ordinance above-mentioned, compeared John [Erskine], earl of Mar, John [Fleming], earl of Wigtown, John [Lyon], earl of Kinghorn, George [MacKenzie], earl of Seaforth and David [Carnegie], earl of Southesk as cautioners for the said James [Graham], earl of Montrose, Archibald [Napier], lord Napier and Sir George Stirling of Keir; and also compeared Sir Ludovic Houston of that Ilk as cautioner for the said Sir Archibald Stewart, Sir John Spottiswood [of Dairsie], cautioner for the said Sir Robert Spottiswood [of Dunipace], Master William Hay, cautioner for the said Sir John Hay [of Bara], and Gabriel Cunningham as cautioner for the said Lieutenant Colonel [Walter] Stewart; and the said cautioners above-named became judicially acted and obliged as cautioners for the persons above-named for whom they are cautioners respectively as said is, and that as cautioners for the said supplicants to the effect, for the cause and with certification respectively above-mentioned contained in the said act and according thereto, and during the time above-written specified therein. It is thus subscribed: [John Erskine, earl of] Mar, [John Fleming, earl of] Wigtown, [John Lyon, earl of] Kinghorn, [George MacKenzie, earl of] Seaforth, [David Carnegie, earl of] Southesk, S[ir] L[udovic] Houston, John Spottiswood [of Dairsie], Master William Hay, Gabriel Cunningham.

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