Act of ratification in favour of the burghs

The which day the king's majesty and estates of parliament ratify and approve the act of the committee of estates of parliament, granted by the committee upon 27 May 1641, with consent of the nobility and commissioners of shires and burghs then convened, in favour of the burghs regarding their release of the payment of 120,000 gilders undertaken by the burghs to be paid and advanced by them to the factors at Campvere, in the which it is declared that in case they be not repaid of the foresaid sum by the means and courses prescribed by the said committee, that in that case they shall be repaid thereof by a part of the £300,000 sterling of the brotherly assistance from England, as the said act of committee of the date foresaid more fully purports, in the whole heads, articles, clauses and conditions of the same act, and declare this present general ratification thereof to be as valid and sufficient as if the said act were at length inserted herein; concerning which, his majesty and estates dispense for ever.

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