Remit in favour of [Colonel Alexander Hamilton], general of the artillery, to the committee for the common burdens

The which day, regarding the supplication given in to the king's majesty and honourable house of parliament by Colonel Alexander Hamilton, general of the artillery, making mention that it is not unknown to his majesty and many of the honourable house of parliament that the supplicant's whole study has been in the art of military discipline, especially regarding artillery, wherein, he being employed in Germany, upon honourable and good conditions he was recalled therefrom to England, where his majesty was graciously pleased to grant him pensions and allowances of £800 sterling by year, whereof he has been now by the iniquity of times frustrated near the space of four years bygone. And seeing he has given proof of his love, fidelity and ability to serve his native country in the charge of general of the artillery or master of the ordinance and is yet willing and ready, either in peace or war, to discharge that duty which is incumbent to the same, and which will require nearly as great attendance, diligence and care in peace as in war, for preservation and right ordering of the artillery, ammunition and arms already within this kingdom, and therefore desiring his majesty and parliament to take the premises to their consideration and to prescribe such ways as the supplicant may be paid of his bygone arrears and secured for payment thereof in time coming during his lifetime, as the supplication in itself purports. Which supplication being read in audience of his majesty and estates of parliament, his majesty and estates foresaid remit and refer the foresaid supplication, as well regarding the ordering and directing of the artillery pertaining to the public as regarding the said pensions, bygone arrears and allowance in time coming, to the committee nominated for the burdens of the country, and give them warrant to proceed and determine therein as a matter reasonable and expedient for the good of the country and public. And the estates earnestly recommend to the king's majesty what may concern his majesty's part regarding the office of general of the artillery and yearly payment thereof.

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