Order: for recalling the Marquis of Hamilton and the Earls of Argyll and Lanark to the parliament
Order of parliament for recalling of [James Hamilton], marquis of Hamilton, [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll and [William Hamilton, earl of] Lanark to the parliament

The which day the parliament, having taken to their consideration the letters written by the Marquis of Hamilton, Earls of Argyll and Lanark to the several estates of parliament, and the occasion of their removal from his majesty's court and parliament on 11 October last, and of their absence therefrom since that time, find and declare that their respect to his majesty and earnest desire to preserve the peace of the kingdom and to shun any tumult, which their repairing to the parliament house with such numbers of their friends as would have accompanied them upon the information and report of the late incident might have produced, was and is a just cause of their withdrawing themselves; and finding their presence necessary for the good of his majesty's service and better settling of the affairs of the parliament think it expedient they return with all convenient diligence, and for that effect ordain a letter to be written and directed to them to be subscribed by [John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino], president of the parliament, in name thereof, showing this their order and pleasure.

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