Legislation: private act
Ratification in favour of the reader and schoolmaster of Meggle Kirk

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify and approve a letter of gift under the privy seal granted by his majesty to Master Thomas Small, son to George Small of Foverand, as present reader and schoolmaster at the kirk of Meggle, and his successor readers and schoolmasters thereat, of two chalders of victual yearly to be uplifted out of the parsonage teinds of the said parish, which gift is dated 24 September 1641, together with the letters of consent and ratification made and granted by Master John Symmer, present minister of the said kirk, who is lately provided by his majesty as undoubted patron of the said kirk, of the parsonage and vicarage teinds thereof, whereby the said John has not only consented to the said gift and mortification of the said two chalders of victual, but has also ratified and appointed the same for himself and his successors, which letters of consent and ratification are dated 16 September 1641, in the whole heads, tenor and contents of the same. And his majesty, with advice and consent of the said estates, ordains that in all presentations to be passed hereafter in favour of the succeeding ministers of the said kirk of the parsonage and vicarage teinds thereof, that special exception and reservation be made of the two chalders of victual foresaid in favour of the reader and schoolmaster of the said kirk, otherwise all presentations not bearing the said exception and reservation to be null and of no value, at least if any such presentations shall be passed not containing the said exception, yet his majesty and estates declare that the same shall in no way hurt nor prejudice the said reader and schoolmaster regarding his said stipend and pension, but the same shall remain unhurt and unprejudiced thereby, notwithstanding of the same presentation so to be passed or any other objection or opposition to be made in the contrary.

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