Prayer said and rolls called.

The king being present.

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Committee Members: committee regarding the commotion in Ireland
Committee regarding the commotion in Ireland

His majesty produced a letter written to him by [Edward Chichester], viscount Chichester regarding some commotion in Ireland, which was publicly read in audience of his majesty and parliament, and his majesty appointed that some may be appointed to think upon the business so far as may concern the good of his majesty and kingdom. Whereupon the estates of parliament nominate and appoint [John Campbell, lord Loudoun], lord chancellor, [Alexander Leslie, earl of Leven], lord general, [William Kerr], earl of Lothian, [James Livingstone], lord Almond, [Sir David Home], laird of Wedderburn, [Sir Robert Adair of] Kinhilt and [Sir James Sinclair of] Murkle, [James Cochrane and Richard Maxwell], the commissioners for Edinburgh, [Patrick Bell, commissioner for] Glasgow and [John Osborne, commissioner for] Ayr, to think upon any course necessary to be done regarding the business contained in the said letter and what is incumbent to be done by this kingdom thereupon, and ordains them to meet this afternoon in the general's lodging for thinking hereupon, and to report again to the parliament.

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