Legislation: private act
Act of exoneration and approbation in favour of [James Livingstone, lord Almond], lieutenant general, of his charge of lieutenant general

The which day the king's majesty and estates of parliament, having taken to their consideration the petition of James [Livingstone], lord Almond, making mention of the trust put upon him by the committee of estates of this kingdom, with consent of [Alexander Leslie of Balgonie], lord general, whereby he was entrusted in the charge of lieutenant general of their army in the late troubles, and that during the time of his said employment he has laboured in all faithfulness to acquit himself, and seeing by the blessing of God and the happiness of the late treaty all matters of that kind are brought to a peaceable close, he therefore desires that the king's majesty and estates of parliament would be pleased to disburden him of that charge and receive an account of his actions therein, which he is willing to render that so he may have his majesty's and estates' approbation or censure as he has deserved, as his supplication at more length bears. His majesty and the estates, finding the said petition to be most equitable, and having compared the petitioner's whole actions and deportments in all the parts of his charge foresaid with his commission granted to him the time of his undertaking the said charge, together with the said lord general's approbation of the said Lord Almond's carriage in the said charge, do find and declare that the said James, lord Almond has in all fidelity and nobility of spirit walked worthy of so great trust as was put upon him to be lieutenant general of the said army; and therefore his majesty and estates of parliament not only do liberate and exonerate him of the said charge and commission or what might be required thereby, but also, for the further demonstration of their respect to his noble deportment, do add to his true worth their general approbation and do honour him with this their national testimony: that he has deserved well of the public as a loyal subject to the king, a faithful servant to the estates of parliament and a true patriot to his country.

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