Act of exoneration and approbation in favour of Adam Blair

The which day the king's majesty and estates of parliament, having taken to their consideration the petition given in to them by Adam Blair, making mention that he was employed as clerk to the lords and other commissioners for the treaty, and that according to his power he had exercised that office, and that the treaty was now brought to a happy conclusion, therefore entreating the king's majesty and parliament to take trial of his carriage in the said employment and either to censure him if he should have been found to have omitted anything entrusted to his charge or committed anything to the prejudice of the king and kingdom, or otherwise to approve his proceedings as they shall be found to deserve, as the petition in itself purports. His majesty and estates of parliament find the desire foresaid of the said petition just and reasonable, and having examined and considered the supplicant's carriage in the foresaid trust and employment, with the testimony of the said lords and other commissioners to whom he was employed as clerk in the foresaid commission, do find and declare that the said Adam Blair has faithfully and carefully exercised the foresaid office and charge put upon him according to his power during the whole time thereof and according to the trust committed to him therein; and therefore, his majesty and estates of parliament do not only liberate and exonerate him of all question or challenge that can be laid to him for his carriage in the foresaid employment, but also do give him this testimony that he has behaved himself honestly and carefully in the said employment as a loyal subject to the king and true patriot to his country.

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