Procedure: commission
Commission for hearing of the accounts of [General Major Robert] Munro, [Colonel John] Cochrane and [John Sinclair], lord Sinclair

The which day the king's majesty and estates of parliament, taking to consideration the petitions given in by General Major Munro, for himself and the officers of his regiment, craving payment to them and the soldiers of the regiment of bygone arrears before they disband, and herewith also considering that the Lord Sinclair, his regiment, and Colonel Cochrane, his regiment, are in the like condition with Munro, his regiment foresaid regarding the payment of their bygone arrears before they be disbanded, his majesty, with the advice of the estates of parliament, has for the better facilitating and furthering of the payment of the said regiments, officers and soldiers, that thereupon they may the more orderly disband, given and granted and hereby gives and grants full power and commission to Archibald [Douglas], lord Douglas, John [Maitland], lord Maitland, James [Carnegie], lord Carnegie, David [Wemyss], lord Elcho, Sir John Hamilton of Bargany, John Crawford of Kilbirnie, Mungo Campbell of Lawers and Sir Patrick Murray of Elibank, in absence of Sir William Muir of Rowallan, Edward Edgar and John Binning, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, Master Alexander Wedderburn, clerk of Dundee, and Hugh Kennedy, burgess of Ayr, or to any seven of the whole number above-written, to hear, consider, sit and conclude the whole accounts, as well two part as third part of the same accounts, of the three regiments above-mentioned, and to sit and meet thereupon for that effect during the time of the sitting of this present parliament, or until the same accounts be fitted and concluded, and after the hearing, fitting and concluding of the same whole accounts, as well two part as third part thereof, of the foresaid three regiments above-written, ordains the commissioners respectively above-named, or any seven of the whole number foresaid, to report the ending and conclusion of the said accounts and what they find and conclude therein to the parliament to be considered by them, that accordingly order may be taken for payment of the said officers and soldiers of the foresaid three regiments as the parliament, after consideration of the said auditors above-named their report foresaid, shall find expedient. And in the meantime, for the more summary expedition and settling of the said accounts, ordains the said commissioners respectively above-named to meet at all such convenient times and diets during the sitting of the said parliament as may best further and advance the fitting and ending of the three regiment accounts respectively foresaid.

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