6 September 1641

The 16th day of this session of parliament


Prayer said and rolls called.

The king being present.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.112v-113r. Back
Act discharging levies and reinforcements of soldiers until 1 April next

Whereas it has been humbly remonstrated to his majesty by the estates of parliament, therefore it is statute and ordained by our sovereign lord, with advice of the said estates, that there be a restraint of all levies and reinforcements of soldiers to be sent out of this kingdom until a resolute answer from the diet at Ratisbonne concerning the Prince Elector, at the least until 1 April next, to the effect the Prince Elector, his affairs and business may be the better furthered and advanced; during the which time our sovereign lord, with advice foresaid, discharges all levies and reinforcements of soldiers within this kingdom, to the effect foresaid, and during that time inhibits and discharges all skippers, sailors and masters of ships to transport any soldiers from this kingdom beyond seas to any foreign country or kingdom, under the pain of £40 for each soldier so transported on every occasion, and ordains this act to be intimated to all his majesty's lieges by public proclamation at the market cross of Edinburgh, pier and shore of Leith and all seaports of this kingdom needful whereby none pretend ignorance. And for the better observation of the premises, hereby gives warrant and express bidding to all searchers at seaports to look carefully and search all ships before they cast off or make sail and to stop and impede all the said soldiers from going out of the country under the pain of £100 to the searcher in case of negligence in the execution of the power hereby committed to them. It is always declared that such officers who have served abroad and have now been employed for the country and shall have the general's pass are not comprehended in this present act but expressly excepted from it thereof.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.112v-113r. Back