Act regarding uncovenanting patrons

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, considering that all his majesty's subjects within this kingdom are by acts of parliament ordained to subscribe their National Oath and Covenant, therefore his majesty and estates ratify and approve the act of parliament made by his majesty's father of blessed memory parliament 1, chapter 9, whereby it is ordained that no person be judge, procurator, notary or member of court who professes not the true religion, together with the act of ratification thereof, with addition and declaration thereof contained therein made by his majesty's said late father parliament 20, chapter 3; and find and declare that the said acts shall be extended to all persons whatsoever who have not subscribed or refuse to subscribe the said National Oath and Covenant. And also find and declare that were any of the said refusers to subscribe right to presentation of kirks, that it shall not be lawful to them to present any person to the vacant kirks, but that the planting of the said kirks and admitting of the said ministers thereto and to the stipends and provisions thereof upon suit and calling of the congregation shall pertain by full right to the presbyteries within the which the said kirks lie until the said patrons subscribe the said National Oath and Covenant.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.111v-112r. Back
Act for freeing of vicarages provided to ministers for their stipends of taxations

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, considering the distractions that ministers are brought to and other prejudices and losses sustained by them by taxations craved of vicarages which are assigned and provided to them as a part of the stipends, in so far as they are assigned and provided, and that it is against all reason and equity and former acts of parliament that ministers' stipends should be burdened with impositions and taxations, therefore statute and ordain (for eschewing these inconveniences and prejudices) that no vicarage nor rents thereof, assigned and provided or to be assigned or provided to ministers as a part of their stipends, be burdened or afflicted with any taxations of impositions bygone resting owed unpaid or in time coming in so far as can be extended to the said teinds and rents of vicarages assigned or to be assigned to them, and whereof they are or shall be in possession by the said assignations, but declare the same to be free thereof in all time coming.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.111v-112r. Back