Act discharging James Bannatyne's patent of the pearling

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, having read and considered the reasons, grievances and prejudices given and complained upon in this present parliament against the gift and patent granted to James Bannatyne in Leith regarding the pearling, and finding the same gift and patent hurtful and prejudicial to the lieges, have therefore rescinded, retreated, quashed, annulled and discharged, and by the tenor hereof rescind, retreat, quash, annul and simply discharge the foresaid gift and patent granted to the said James Bannatyne regarding pearling, and declare the same gift and patent to be extinct, null and ineffectual in all time coming. And also, our said sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament, prohibits and discharges all importation and bringing in of foreign pearling within this kingdom in any time coming under the pain of confiscation thereof to his majesty's use. And also, our said sovereign lord, with advice foresaid, renews the act made in the year 1621 intituled 'Regarding banqueting and apparel', in the second head and article thereof, namely: that no person of whatsoever degree shall have pearling or ribboning upon their ruffs, bands, shirts, napkins and socks, except the persons privileged in that act, and the pearling and ribboning to be so worn by them (if any be) to be of those made within the kingdom of Scotland, under the pain of £100 on every occasion, as the said act in the said article thereof bears. And ordains the same act in that head and article foresaid to have full strength, force and execution, and to stand as a law according to the tenor thereof.

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