Rolls called and prayer said.

The king being present.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.108v. Back
Procedure: act of caution
Act of caution [Angus MacDonald], laird of Glengarry

The which day the Laird of Glengarry, younger, desired that the supplication exhibited by [William MacIntosh of Torcastle], laird of MacIntosh against him may be given to him to see to be advised therewith until the morning, which desire the parliament granted, he acting himself and finding caution to appear before the parliament tomorrow and not to go out of town in the meantime. Whereupon the said Laird of Glengarry, younger, personally present, acted himself to the effect and under the pain above-mentioned. Likewise, [John MacLeod of Dunvegan], laird of MacLeod, also personally present, became acted as cautioner for Glengarry to the effect and under the pain foresaid, and Glengarry, personally present, acted himself for his relief.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.108v. Back