13 August 1641

[Letter from the commissioners at London to the parliament regarding their instructions sent with the Earl of Dunfermline]

Letter to the parliament

To the right honourable the lords and other estates of the parliament of Scotland.

Right honourable,

We received your lordships' letter and instructions sent with [Charles Seton], earl of Dunfermline upon Friday at night. We have and shall endeavour to make the best use we can thereof, the time here been very short to complete the particulars contained therein and in the former instructions sent by [John Campbell], lord Loudoun, the great affairs of this kingdom and his majesty's journey to Scotland meeting all at once with the close of our treaty has kept us ever since in a continual exercise, but we thank God who has wrought all our work for us and brought our business here to an end. We have sent this bearer in haste to show your lordships that his majesty is coming to you and wish that the success of his journey may be such as may serve for the glory of God, his own honour and the good and peace of all his dominions.

Your lordships' humble servants,

London, 10 August 1641

13 August 1641

Read in audience of parliament.

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