[Particulars to be represented to parliament regarding the gathering of monies]

Particulars to be represented to the parliament regarding the getting of monies

1. It is represented that the auditors be continued and their commission renewed, and that some of each estate be appointed to consider what progress is made in the accounts and to report. Auditors are appointed to meet at [George Mackenzie, earl of] Seaforth's house and consider this article.

2. That order may be given whereby the whole debts and burdens of the kingdom may be known and drawn to a sum.

3. That notice be taken regarding the ten and twenty pennies, what thereof is paid and unpaid. As also regarding the 40 days' loan, and the horse and foot that have not been put out nor paid according to the public orders and regarding the voluntary contribution.

4. That notice be taken what valuations are not yet given in through the kingdoms, and that some solid course and order be set down regarding the valuations that the whole burdens may be equal.

5. That some orders be taken regarding the rents of enemies, anti-covenanters and bishops' rents.

6. It is represented to consider what way those who have monies shall be dealt with to loan their monies to the public upon good security, and that the list of the names given in to the committee may be read in parliament.

7. It is also represented that the commissioners of shires and burghs be ordained to condescend upon those within their shires and burghs who have monies and to inform themselves regarding this by the ministers now present at assembly.

It is represented to the parliament as a necessary expedient for getting in of the public dues such as ten and twenty pennies that the commissioners of shires and burghs shall be commanded by the parliament to require their several shires and burghs to send in their collectors and commissioners and others who have commission for dealing with enemies' rents and other public dues, and to ordain them to bring in their monies or such timeous diligence as shall be thought reasonable with such certification as the parliament shall think fitting, after consideration of the diligence and as the same shall be reported.

Item, that times and diets be appointed for this effect according to the distance and nearness respectively of the several shires and burghs of the kingdom.

Item, that the commissioners of shires and burghs be ordained presently to declare their knowledge regarding what public dues, forty days' loan, voluntary contribution, horse and foot are unpaid or not put out, according to the public orders within their shires and burghs; and what they know not that they inform themselves with diligence and report the certainty at the diets appointed as above.

It is also represented to the parliament's consideration the burden the public lie under by the three regiments within the country and the officers within the several shires, that the same may be either licenced in whole or in part as the parliament shall think fitting, and that the monies be presently borrowed for this effect as the parliament shall appoint, and some present course taken for getting these monies.

It is likewise to be taken to consideration that the whole reformeired officers be licenced and present course taken for their bygone payment.

  1. NAS, PA6/7, 'Appendix, July 24 1641'. Back
  2. Defined in DSL as one left without a command (owing to the 'reforming' or disbanding of his company), but who retained his rank and seniority and received full or half pay. Back