[Letter to the committee of estates from Colonel Robert Munro]

Letter from Colonel Robert Munro

To the right honourable the lords and others of the committee of estate at Edinburgh, these

Right honourable,

The necessity of our regiment being so great makes officers and soldiers incessantly with their importunity run upon me through the want of their pay in seven months that I am constrained to be troublesome to your lordship in their behalf, more than for my own wants; beseeching your lordship most humbly to take some present course for their satisfaction, for we have run so long on trust that those we are due to are almost in despair of their payment, having so long been put off upon hopes, notwithstanding of the rumour of the great sums paid to our army, whereof we can receive no portion, as if we were not of your army or under the capitulation of the estates of this kingdom, who being now together your lordships will be pleased favourably to foresee and provide for our necessary maintenance. And knowing your lordships will allege that count does go before payment to clear what is due to the regiment of the six months past, I have directed with the bearer, my lieutenant colonel, the subscribed account, according to your lordships' last order in reforming the regiment with the deduction of two inferior officers of each company, in obedience to your lordships' commands, although contrary to my capitulation made with the estate. So expecting your lordships' pleasure in giving precept and warrant for our payment, according to the account, and that as a speedy remedy to our necessities, answerable to the trust and confidence of,

Your lordships' humble and obedient servants, Robert Munro, Mordington, July 29 1641.

3 August 1641

Produced and read in parliament.

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