[Supplication of Mr James Mowat of Ollaberry, for himself and on behalf of the inhabitants of Shetland]

Supplication of Master James Mowat for Shetland

To the king's most excellent majesty and most honourable estates of parliament,

The humble petition of Master James Mowat of Ollaberry, for himself and in name and on behalf of the remote inhabitants of Shetland, according to commission.

Shows that whereas in the year 1634 his majesty was graciously well pleased upon remonstrance of the grievance of the said island at that time by the petitioner to give order to the most honourable privy council for remedying thereof and authorising a commissioner for going thither for trying and rectifying all abuses there, which order the said council did approve; but in respect of vacation then instant and winter approaching, the going of the said commissioner was delayed; and thereafter being delayed took no effect, through which the said inhabitants have been and are much grieved and have taken occasion in this happy time of reformation to renew their said remonstrance by the said petitioner.

Therefore, it is humbly argued that a committee may be appointed for examining the said grievances and concluding upon fit remedies to be applied thereto by sending a commissioner or otherwise as shall be found expedient.

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