[Letter from the lord general to the parliament]

A letter from [Alexander Leslie of Balgonie], general, to the parliament, 28 July 1641

For the estates of parliament now sitting at Edinburgh

Right honourable,

I have received a letter this day from our commissioners. Because the contents of their letter are so important and of so great consequence, I have made haste to take a copy thereof and have sent the principal with all haste to be presented and advised by your lordships and the estates of parliament now met together. I wish the bearer may be at Edinburgh before [Charles Seton], earl of Dunfermline and [John Campbell], lord Loudoun have their dispatch, for as our commissioners crave a speedy answer from me, so I will wait and look to be directed by your lordships what answer I should make and, as I receive the commandment from your lordships, so I shall obey the same, as becomes,

Your lordships' most faithful and humble servant, A[lexander] Leslie [of Balgonie], Newcastle, 26 July 1641

28 July 1641

Read in audience of the parliament, together with the letter to which the same it relates, who appointed a committee of all the estates for answering the same.

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