17 July 1641

[Letter from the estates requesting the general assembly to meet in Edinburgh]

Copy of the estates' letter to the assembly

To the right reverend [Alexander Henderson], moderator, and other brethren of the venerable general assembly of the kirk of Scotland convened at St Andrews.

Right reverend,

Whereas the king's majesty had been graciously pleased to resolve for to honour with his royal presence the meetings of this present assembly and parliament, and being now impeded for a time by the urgency of the affairs of our neighbouring kirk and kingdom, to whom we wish all happiness, has appointed [John Wemyss], earl of Wemyss his majesty's commissioner in this venerable assembly, and has desired us to prorogue our meeting today, we have been forced to remonstrate to his majesty the necessity of affairs urging us to sit still for preparing of all matters that the peace of this kingdom after so long distractions might by God's mercy, the king's goodness and our endeavours be brought to some settling. But finding so many of our number to be members also of your meeting, whose absence would be a great impediment of our preparations, and considering also besides the commodiousness of this place, the great necessity at this time of the concurring advice of both the assembly and parliament for settling the perfect peace of this kirk and kingdom and for preventing all new divisive motions in the one or the other and, as we are informed, has been usually practiced in the like cases in past times and was promised in the last assembly held in Aberdeen, we have thought it expedient for many causes to join our faithful advice and earnest request with the desire of his majesty's commissioner to your wisdom that you may be pleased to translate your meeting from St Andrews to Edinburgh against the first convenient day, and to send some of every estate to represent our desire and advise in this and in any other thing that may accelerate your translation. And as out of our confidence of your concurring resolutions herein, we have stayed all the rest of our number that are members of your meeting. So amongst other things concerning the kirk at this time, we shall not be unmindful to set down one solid course for the bearing of the charges of the commissioners to your yearly general assemblies; and in all other things shall do our utmost endeavour with your concourse to preserve purity and peace within this kirk, which is the greatest desire of

Your affectionate friends, [...]

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