Procedure: ordinance for informing the king of proceedings in the parliament
Ordinance for giving information to his majesty of all that is passed heretofore in this session of parliament

The estates agree that [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll and [James Livingstone, lord Almond], lieutenant general, with [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of Burleigh], president of the parliament, for the nobility; [Sir Robert Innes], laird of Innes and Sir Thomas Hope of Kerse for the barons; and [Patrick Leslie], commissioner of Aberdeen and [John Lepar, commissioner for] St Andrews for the burghs, with the clerk to attend them, are appointed and shall give information to his majesty of all which heretofore has passed in this session of parliament, which will serve to good purpose both to show the parliament's readiness to give his majesty account of their proceedings and to prevent misinformation to his majesty relating thereto.

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